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We are currently offering 3 classes that you wouldn't want to miss. PAY BY INSTALMENT AVAILABLE

For all my ladies looking to learn how to properly style and custom design their own wigs, the HAIR STYLING course would be a great investment into developing the skill set you need. Learn how to effortlessly curl,cut/shape and style your wigs at a moments notice.

SEW-IN INSTALL CLASS is ideal for beginners, advanced and professionals. Versatile sew-in, Flip over and Traditional sew-ins are making a huge comeback and giving maximum flawless looks, versatility and overall natural. If you are a hairstylist, learning this skill to perfection will keep clients filling your books and enhance your earning capabilities.

The Ultimate earning skill set you need under your belt as a Hairstylist (both for beginners & professionals), is the EXTENSIONS MASTERCLASS. This comprises of 4 install methods that has one of the highest earning potentials and broadens your clientele scope. As a hairstylist you can really focus on a niche in these areas, specialize solely on these methods and earn bigger. The average price for Tape-in install is $400, I-tips is $800, Microlinks sew-in $400 and it goes all the way up from here. These prices are only for the install and exclusive of Hair extensions, if you were to provide hair extensions, you basically create for more earnings. If you are interested in scaling up your skill and business, book this class and see 100% return on your investments.

If any of this classes interests you, please signup and i look forward to meeting you.

you have questions?

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions. If you would rather a private 1 on 1 lesson as opposed to a group setting. If you would prefer a later date or an earlier one, i am more tahn able to accomodate your request. Any questions at all is welcome. Hope to hear from you.

Thanks for submitting!